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  1.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to not use misleading terms and agrees to only using proper terminology, especially during the advertisement and sale of an animal.

  2.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to properly neuter all pet/feeder wethers at least 3 days before being placed. FreeFall Nubians agrees to correctly tattoo all kids that are breeding/show stock before being placing them with their new owners.

  3.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to offer a health guarantee on all kids. FreeFall Nubians agrees to disclose any defect, health concerns, sickness/diseases, or special needs of a kid before placing it. 

  4.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to provide only realistic estimates and/or documented productions/sizes on all animals. FreeFall Nubians agrees to not advertise or promote production/size/weight under the ADGA Nubian breed standard.

  5.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to care for kids 1 day minimum before placing them with their new owners to ensure their health and quality. All kids born & bred on the premises are the responsibility of FreeFall Nubians to care for, until the kid is placed.

  6.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to socialize kids in an effort to prepare them for their new placements and ensure a successful transition. If bought NURSING, kids will be eating properly from a bottle, handled frequently, and be up to date on all vaccinations prior to being placed.  If bought WEANED, kids will be properly weaned, eating a pelleted diet for more than a week, handled frequently, and be up to date on all vaccinations prior to being placed.

  7.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to provide lifetime support for all buyers after a kid is placed. FreeFall Nubians agrees to return calls, messages, emails, and to provide outside resources to buyers who are in need of help, have questions, or need more education.

  8.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to being available to help the owners through the challenges to keep any animals bought from them in their [Owner's] care, or to network the animal to ensure a well screened placement.

  9.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to maintain a website and/or social media page with photos and ages of breeding adults.

  10.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to thoroughly screen, and educate if needed, potential owners before placing a kid. Discussion and/or resources may be provided on zoning requirements, secure fencing, animal challenges, other animals and persons living on the lot, time investment, leasing vs owning, behaviors, care requirements, health needs, etc., to ensure a stable, knowledgeable home.

  11.  FreeFall Nubians agrees not to breed underage goats. Bucks must be a minimum of 4 months old at time of breeding. Does must be a minimum of 7 months at time of breeding. Litters born to bucks under 4 months or does under 7 months will not qualify for ADGA registration. Any kids from 'accidental breedings' will not be sold with the ability/option to be ADGA registered.

  12.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to provide weather protected housing & secure fencing for all goats in their care, as well as clean and protected birthing areas for does and kids, and clean and protected living areas for all goats on premises.

  13.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to provide a well-balanced, species & age-appropriate diet to all goats in our care. Goats are to be fed proper amounts to maintain a healthy body condition, avoiding underfeeding or overfeeding.

  14.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to offer breeding stock ONLY to thoroughly screened, ethical breeders. Only high-quality animals will be offered with breeding rights, ensuring said animal does not carry a history of genetic defects or breed faults that would be detrimental to the Nubian breed.

  15.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to not sell any animals as breeding stock if they are not sound, or if they go against any breed standards of the ADGA Nubian. FreeFall Nubians agrees to not sell any bucklings with a retained testicle intact, not to sell any kids with extra teats/tracts as breeding stock, and to not sell any known hermaphrodites under the false impression of being breeding sound.

  16.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to follow all USDA, DATCP, APHIS, Canadian CIFA, and any other necessary organization's laws and airline regulations while shipping, transporting, or relocating goats. FreeFall Nubians agrees to only transport healthy kids.

  17.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to not breed or sell goats with known genetic defects that would be detrimental to the longevity of the animal or it’s offspring. FreeFall Nubians agrees to not sell sick or underweight animals.

  18.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to allow purchasers to inspect the sale animal they are interested in on pickup or transport, including but not limited to; external physical features, teats, testicals, teeth, tattoos, feet, skin etc.

  19.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to offer refunds or credit towards the next sale, if an animal sold as breeding stock ends up having breeding soundness issues (ie: sterile, intersex, uterine problems), produces kids with genetic defects that go against ADGA standards (ie: extra teats, total blindness), etc. All unsound animals must have a vet statement, and we might require further tests/proof to be done.

  20.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to sell all goats with appropriate and accurate papers/pedigrees, unless otherwise stated in a sale ad or in person. All papers will be mailed to buyers after a complete and successful sale if we do not have hard papers in hand, otherwise they will leave with the buyer and the goat. Stamped duplicates will remain in the possession of FreeFall Nubians until true papers arrive. Wethers will not and cannot be sold registered with ADGA, but all FreeFall wethers will qualify for an ADGA Certificate of Identification if buyer plans to show the wether. 

  21.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to not broker or flip kids. All kids and their parents must be on the premises, if parents are owned by FreeFall Nubians.

  22.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to only sell bucklings (under 12 months of age) that are of virgin status; absolutely no natural service prior to sale. If a buckling was collected, FreeFall Nubians agrees to make a select amount of semen and a copy of the ADGA Collection Form, signed and dated by both the processor and FreeFall Nubians, available to the buyer of the buckling for no more than the cost of collection. Should the buyer not desire the collection, FreeFall Nubians retains the right to keep the semen for their own farm use, along with the rights to market the buckling's semen to outside farms.

  23.  FreeFall Nubians agrees to sell all does as open (not bred) to avoid false representations/forging of papers (ie: wrong herd name/tattoo, incorrect pedigree, etc). FreeFall Nubians agrees not to breed a doe in means of selling her off faster/easier. If a doe is bred/exposed before the decision to sell her was made, FreeFall Nubians agrees to have a completed service memo accompany her, along with any other papers needed, if agreed upon before sale. FreeFall Nubians retains the right to be notified upon birth and have first rights to a kid at no more than the cost of registration.

  24.  All Nubians owned, bred, sold, and shown by FreeFall Nubians conform to proper ADGA Breed Standards, have correct and legible tattoos, be free of physical defects, be sound and healthy, and be free of CAE, chronic wasting, infectious/contagious diseases, lesions, abscesses (balding or draining), sore mouth, ringworm, pinkeye, and other abscess problems.


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