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N1974899  |  08/08/2018 - 04/19/2021  |  G6S Not Tested

FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats DANCING WILLOW STELLA

                                       SSSS: GCH +*B MYSTERY CREEK JEDI

                             SSS: ++*B AMBERWOOD JEDI'S WINTER FROST [FS91 EVE @ 07-02]

                                       SSSD: JIBARSKI BO'S SECRET WHISPER 2*M

          SS: SGCH ++*B COPPER-HILL W.F. PAPA BEAR *ELITE* [FS90 EVE @ 03-01]

                                       SSDS: SGCH ++*B COPPER-HILL ALGINONS BREAKAWAY *ELITE* [FS93 EEE @ 06-03]

                              SSD: SGCH COPPER-HILL BREAKAWAY'S BOBBIN 6*M *TOP TEN* [FS90 EEEV @ 03-03] 

                                       SSDD: SG COPPER-HILL BLUEBONNET 5*M *TOP TEN* [FS90 EEEV @ 04-06]


                                       SDSS: SG ++*B KASTDEMUR'S AT YOUR SERVICE *ELITE* [FS90 VEE @ 06-05]

                              SDS: SGCH ++*B LAKESHORE-FARMS STAR STATUS *ELITE* [FS91 EEE @ 06-04]

                                       SDSD: SGCH LAKESHORE-FARMS SKIPA STAR 3*M

          SD: RIVEN OAK RHEA 6*M [FS85 V+V+ @ 02-06]

                                       SDDS: SGCH ++*B GOLDTHWAITE BONNY'S BLACK TIE *ELITE*

                             SDD: GCH RIVEN OAK MAZIE'S RAPADOU 5*M [FS90 VEEE @ 04-04]

                                       SDDD: RIVEN OAK MERLIN'S MAZIE 4*M [FS87 VEV+ @ 05-03]

                                       DSSS: SG ++*B WINGWOOD FARM REAL TACTITIAN [FS90 VEE @ 02-06]

                              DSS: SG ++*B WINGWOOD FARM TAC'S TYPHOON *ELITE* [FS86 VV+ @ 05-07]

                                       DSSD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM KR TAIPEI 3*M [FS91 VEEE @ 06-06]


                                       DSDS: SGCH ++*B GOLDTHWAITE BONNY'S BLACK TIE *ELITE*

                             DSD: SGCH RIVEN OAK MAZIE'S REBO 5*M [FS91 VEEE @ 07-03]

                                       DSDD: RIVEN OAK MERLIN'S MAZIE 4*M [FS87 VEV+ @ 05-03]


                                        DDSS: THE MY HEAVEN'S GATE STORMY [FS91 EEE @ 02-06]

                             DDS: DANCING WILLOW KRONK

                                        DDSD: RIVEN OAK SHEBA 6*M [FS87 VV+V @ 03-05]


                                        DDDS: RIVEN OAK RED BARON

                              DDD: RIVEN OAK EB ESTELLE [FS84 VV++ @ 03-06]

                                        DDDD: THE AUGUSTUS HEIDI ELLIE MAE 4*M [FS90 VEEE @ 08-04]

With a pedigree coursing with old bloodlines, it's no surprise that the wandering eye would've landed on Benny. Her lineage consisted of linebreeding based on throwback names such as SGCH ++*B COPPER-HILL W.F. PAPA BEAR, ++*B AMBERWOOD JEDI'S WINTER FROST, Top Ten doe SG COPPER-HILL BLUEBONNET 5*M, Elite SGCH +*B LAKESHORE-FARMS STAR STATUS, Elite SGCH *B GOLDTHWAITE BONNY'S BLACK TIE, and SG ++*B WINGWOOD FARM TAC'S TYPHOON. These genetics being crossed over to local show lines through AI meant that Benny displayed a winning version of refined power. Benny had a strikingly long and flat bone pattern that carried throughout her body. Not to be an afterthought, her angulation and correctness in her legs definitely made her an asset to the gene pool. This doe is the only daughter out of her sire that wasn't bred by Riven Oak Nubians, and she had stunning breed character, paired with a strong topline made her stand out amongst the crowd. She stood proud and tall but had a kind eye that was matching to her sweet personality.


Her maternal line was easily and constantly improved on, so we suspect Benny would've easily been an improvement over her dam. Her dam line, while not shown, proved themselves on the milk stand. As a second freshener, Benny's dam peaked at a consistent rate of over 12 lbs per day. We owned her dam's full younger sister, Benny's maternal aunt, DANCING WILLOW ROA MA WICHITA. Her dam line was also noted to be easy producers. With her previous owner, Benny had won several reserve champions and was said to look even better with an udder on her.

Despite all of the positives, we never got to see Benny flourish to her full potential. Unfortunately, we came across Benny over 7 months into her first freshening, emaciated, and still going strong in her lactation while nursing her massive twin doelings Mini and Mona. While the only picture we could capture of her udder was when she was already being dried up, her fore udder blended in seamlessly into her body. Her milk veins were huge and prominent, and her large orifices and teat placement made milking her a breeze. Her brisket and dairy skin would've made a great foundation to build off of, given that she would've been up to condition. Her body condition improved so swiftly that we thought she was on track to a total recovery, and so she was bred for a second freshening. However, her condition quickly deteriorated in the last month of her pregnancy. We suspect this may have been due to organ damage from her time being neglected. She ended up giving birth to 3 kids over 2 weeks prematurely, and her failing health meant that the difficult decision had to be made to let her finally rest soon after.


We definitely see the genetic merits Benny has passed on to her three daughters, all of whom we have been fortunate to retain. She has passed on tremendous depth and general appearance to her daughters, along with her brisket, angulation, length, and uphill build. Her daughters also display stunning breed character. We expect her daughters to have a huge impact on our herd.


We miss Benny terribly and hope that she will live on through her descendants.


- 2018 Waushara County Fair 1ST Place Junior Fair Jr. Doe Kid

- 2019 Waushara County Fair 1ST Place & Res. Champion Junior Fair Jr. Yearling

- 2019 Wisconsin State Fair 1ST Place & Res. Champion Junior Fair Jr. Yearling






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