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N2248228  |  03/14/2022  |  G6S Test Pend.  |  DNA Typed & Parent Verified Pend.  |  Alpha __ Casein: _/_

FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats REDWOOD HILLS V HALLUCINOGENIC

                                       SSSS: SG +*B MY-ENCHANTED-ACRES LEADING MAN *ELITE* [FS91 EEE @ 04-03]

                             SSS: SG +*B MY-ENCHANTED-ACRES LM CANDYMAN *ELITE* [FS90 VEE @ 2-05]

                                       SSSD: SG MY-ENCHANTED-ACRES RNBOSKITLES 8*M [FS88 VEVV @ 02-06]

          SS: +*B WINGWOOD FARM CM ATTICUS *ELITE* [FS86 +EV @ 01-03]

                                       SSDS: +*B SGCH WINGWOOD FARM LUCKY AMADEUS *ELITE* [FS89 VVE @ 05-01]

                              SSD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM LOVIN ABRAXIS 2*M [FS91 EEEE @ 03-02]

                                       SSDD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM TIM'S ALTHEA 1*M [FS91 EEEE @ 05-05]


                                       SDSS: GCH ++*B KASTDEMUR'S TIME IN A BOTTLE *ELITE* [FS90 EEE @ 05-04]

                             SDS: SG +*B BLISSBERRY ROCK HARD *ELITE* [FS92 EEE @ 03-04]

                                       SDSD: SGCH BLISSBERRY R ROCKIN' ROBIN 2*M *TOP TEN* [FS90 VVEE @ 03-07]


                                       SDDS: SGCH ++*B KASTDEMUR'S MOST WANTED *ELITE* [FS90 VEE @ 05-03]

                              SDD: SGCH BLISSBERRY MW VALENTINA 6*M *TOP TEN* [FS90 VEEE @ 04-04]

                                       SDDD: SGCH LAKESHORE-FARMS JUST-TINA 5*M *TOP TEN* [FS91 EVVE @ 06-05]

                                       DSSS: SG +*B WINGWOOD FARM TAO AMICUS *ELITE*

                             DSS: SG +*B WINGWOOD FARM AMI TUPELO *ELITE* [FS89 EVV @ 02-05]

                                       DSSD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM PLAYTIME TEASEL 10*M [FS90 EEEE @ 05-04]


                                       DSDS: SGCH +*B WINGWOOD FARM TS TIMOTHY *ELITE* [FS88 VEE @ 05-06]

                              DSD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM TIM'S ALTHEA 1*M [FS91 EEEE @ 05-05]

                                       DSDD: WINGWOOD FARM KR ACAPELLA


                                        DDSS: ++*B KASTDEMUR'S KING OF THE HILL *ELITE*

                             DDS: SG +*B KASTDEMUR'S MONTE CARLO *ELITE*

                                        DDSD: SGCH KASTDEMUR'S MYSTERE 2*M [FS91 VEEE @ 06-02]

          DD: SGCH REDWOOD HILLS MC TALASI 8*M [FS91 VVEE @ 04-06]

                                        DDDS: GCH ++*B WINGWOOD FARM ROMEO'S LAREDO [FS92 EEE @ 04-04]

                              DDD: SGCH WINGWOOD FARM LD TAYLOR 7*M [FS88 VEVV @ 05-07]

                                        DDDD: SGCH WINGWOOD-FARM NOVA TARANTELLA 6*M

With 29 *M/*B, 24 SG, 19 GCH, 18 animals that Linear Appraised 90 or above, and 17 ELITE/TOP TEN in his immediate pedigree, we are thrilled to have this exciting guy in our herd! Being Kacey's graduation gift, we wanted something that was special not only in terms of pedigree, but also conformation and overall potential, and this guy delivers. We totally jumped the gun as we were planning on buying a buckling out of his dam in the future, but when Scott offered him for sale, we just couldn't pass such a great opportunity! Outstanding dairy character grafted onto a level, long, masculine body makes Tripp an appealing junior. He has a very smooth, open and correct gait.


We absolutely love Tripp's pedigree, specifically his dam lines and siblings. They have the consist, beautiful udders matched with productive, long, and level lactations with high milk components that we've been wanting to bring in. Tripp's dam, SGCH REDWOOD HILLS ATLAS TOPAZ 9*M, is a doe that caught our attention even before we started down the path of breeding goats, and over the years we are still in love with both her mammary and her general appearance! Topaz's littermate brother, *B REDWOOD HILLS TOP SHELF, as well as her maternal sister, REDWOOD HILLS TRUE TWINKLE 9*M, and paternal sister, SGCH REDWOOD HILLS ATLAS CARNIVAL 5*M, have also proven themselves. While his decked-out pedigree really shows how proven and impressive this buckling's bloodlines are, his relatives can also hold their own with their drop-dead gorgeous appearance. His full sister, GCH REDWOOD HILLS VISION TANZANITE 10*M, linear appraised VG88 VEVE and became an ELITE doe as a first freshener at 1.5 years old and earned her CH/GCH mark in one season as a second freshener! Tanzanite later went on and Linear Appraised EX90 EVEE at 2.5 years old! His sire *B BLISSBERRY AC VISION has sired many talented, beautiful daughters, all of them scoring VG87-88 as first fresheners, while many of them earned their milk stars and even made the ELITE list! Vision himself has both ELITE parents, and many other TOP TEN, ELITE and high appraising relatives who made a mark in the showring. Many well-known performance herds throughout the country have been brought together to produce a well-rounded show prospect and special breeding asset! He'll sire many successful outcrosses during his stay in our herd, diluting the otherwise 'uncommon genetics' to Wisconsin from the larger, more genetic diverse show herds into something that is easier to work with given our current stock, which allows us to expand the gene pool for our animals in the future. We hope to see more of his potential bloom as he ages! 


- N/A


- 2023 Boys of Fall Buck Show (Place) Yearling Buck


- N/A


- Private Treaty only starting 2023.

- We will not be offering semen publicly until we have evaluated his milking daughters in 2024 per his breeder's sale policy.

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