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N1977451  |  03/19/2018 - 01/07/2021  |  G6S Not Tested

FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats KORNELY'S KDW JASPER

                                       SSSS: GCH ++*B KASTDEMUR'S MPR LIAISON

                              SSS: *B LYNNHAVEN LIAISON'S LEGACY

                                        SSSD: SGCH LYNNHAVEN E GWEN 9*M


                                        SSDS: CH *B J-NELS SP DAD GUM IT [FS88 VEV @ 04-01]

                             SSD: SGCH MY BUDDY'S DG BUBBLE GUM 1*M [FS91 EEEE @ 04-04]

                                        SSDD: CH J-NELS HOLLY DURE [FS89 EEV+ @ 10-05]


                                        SDSS: SG ++*B KASTDEMUR'S AT YOUR SERVICE *ELITE* [FS90 VEE @ 06-05]

                              SDS: MY BUDDY'S WAY TO GO ACE

                                        SDSD: CH LAKESHORE EXC ESCAPADE [FS85 +VAE @ 05-01]


                                        SDDS: DEERPATH WILDFIRE'S GOODLOOKIN

                              SDD: CH KUHTZ DREAM GOODLOOKIN CARLI

                                        SDDD: CH THE REECKS COPPER PENNY

                                        DSSS: *B PELLA'S TRIPLE C KING'S MAGIC 

                              DSS: KUHTZ DREAM REECKS ANDRE

                                        DSSD: CH KUHTZ DREAM GOODLOOKIN CARLI


                                       DSDS: STATE LINE MAMBO

                              DSD: THE REECKS HB ISOBELLA

                                       DSDD: KUHTZ DREAM TRM HERSHEY


                                        DDSS: BLISSBERRY SHOW ME THE FAME

                             DDS: CAREY'S SHOW ME SWEET ROMANCE

                                        DDSD: SGCH CAREY'S SWEET ROMANCE 1*M [FS89 VEEV @ 04-03]

          DD: KORNELY'S SMSR HALIE [FS85 +V+V @ 03-06]

                                        DDDS: CAREY'S BIG SPENDER 

                              DDD: KORNELY'S SP JEANNINE [FS90 VEEE @ 05-04]

                                        DDDD: KORNELY'S RAISA [FS84 +VVV @ 03-04]

While his pedigree consisted of mostly local genetics, Jasper's lineage was built off of notable herds such as Kastdemur's, Prairie-Patch, Pruittville, Lakeshore, Lynnhaven, and J-Nels. Despite his pedigree being relatively quiet, he was nothing to scoff at. Dwarfing other bucks twice his age, Jasper's height was well over a foot over the breed standard at the tender age of 2. Measuring up to a staggering 43" tall at the withers and weighing in at over 200 lbs, his uphill and dairy build left him a force to be reckoned with. Jasper had a long, flat bone pattern that simply accentuated his masculine appearance, along with massive upright shoulders. Despite his imposing appearance, he had an easy-going and affectionate personality. He had great dairy skin and amazing breed character. This buck stood widely on a strong set of legs with short, strong pasterns, adding to his structural soundness. Overall, Jasper was very correct in structure; angular and uphill, with his level topline being the icing on the cake. We adored his perfectly bell-shaped ears; they're definitely what comes to mind when you think of Nubian breed character.


Regardless of how much potential he had, we never got to see what he was capable of. Jasper was owned by our family member when we first dipped our toes into the goat world and wasn't properly taken care of. He was purchased for their milking herd when he was less than 5 months old. When we finally had the knowledge to take care of him, despite us not knowing at the time, he was past the point of no return. After getting his body condition back during the summer, he was used heavily during the fall as he was our only buck. Unfortunately, after covering all of the does, what we thought was a difficult rut turned out to be much worse. We ended up with his only setup pictures being while he was underweight and in rut. After intensive care with the help of the vet, Jasper suddenly and rapidly declined, needing to be humanly euthanized.


Although we will never know what Jasper would've looked like in proper condition, we do know that he had drastically improved breed character and overall size within our herd. Seen within our old grade herd and now with his only purebred kid Charlotte, he has improved length throughout the body in his offspring. He passed on correct front legs and angulated hind legs, as well as short and upright pasterns. Jasper and his kids showed lots of power and depth, along with uphill builds and overall dairyness. He improved toplines within the grade herd, as well as passing on snug and higher attached udders. The udders of his daughters milk out beautifully and have great shaped and placed teats. He also improved the volume of both the front and rear udder. His great temperament was definitely passed on to all of his kids. During his time in our herd, he sired 16 bucks and 10 does, 2 and 1 of which were purebred. Charlotte is his only living purebred kid.


Jasper kicked off our journey into purebred Nubians, he and his progeny will always hold a place in our herd.



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