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FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats
FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats
FreeFall Nubians Wisconsin Nubian Goats

Welcome to
FreeFall Nubians

Thank you for your interest in our herd of registered Purebred Nubian dairy goats! We are a sibling pair that maintain a high-quality and productive milking herd on our modest farm in Newton, Wisconsin. Our farm is surrounded by bountiful crop fields and woodlands, making us lucky enough to be located on a beautiful plot of land with rolling hills, springs, a varied forest, and a winding creek that feeds into Lake Michigan! 

We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association and the International Nubian Breeder's Association. Currently, we are also earning our Dairy Goat Production Certification through Langston University in Oklahoma and Dairy Goat Herd Management Certification from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College. We are an ADGA Performance Tested herd as of 2023.


Our goat journey had a unique start, but it drove us to strive toward where we are today. While our paternal side of the family was involved in 4H, we were brought up as typical “city kids.” However, that never diminished our love of farm animals. Our interest furthered once we learned more about our grandparent's farm and discovered that our grandfather's brother had owned and operated a successful, large show-herd of Suffolk sheep. In 2017, our grandmother bought our first goats, a pair of grade Nubians. We were always excited to see the goats when we’d visit but had to navigate the incredibly hoarded, overgrown, rundown property to spend time with them.


The start of COVID kicked off our dive into the dairy goat industry; schools closing left us with more time to further our knowledge about goat management, as we knew nothing about them before. We urgently had to learn how to take care of and manage the growing grade herd, as we could not rely on their owner to properly take care of them or the property, despite her prior experience in the goat world. After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, the farm was beginning to look and feel like a real farm again, and the goats' quality of life improved drastically. In the winter of 2020, we rescued Benny, our first purebred Nubian doe, falling in love with her in-your-pocket personality and gentle nature. We later bought more purebreds in 2021 (and had our first homebred Nubian kid born), cementing our love for the breed's gentle and proud dispositions, friendly nature, and of course their floppy ears! We decided to disperse the grade herd in 2021 to let us focus on our beloved Nubians, and we have not looked back since.

We are a young herd but very much a labor of love. Our love for our goats drives our management and breeding program to focus on producing happy and hardy animals that are also: correct, balanced, and productive. In doing so, the goats we produce should be long-lived and have profitable lifespans, staying true to their purpose as dairy animals. Our first few years have had us producing animals that we are proud to exhibit and offer for sale to fellow goat enthusiasts, and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

We are eager to update this site as our goat journey continues, and we hope you enjoy watching our herd grow!

- Kacey & Danielle Braasch

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